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released October 21, 2014


all rights reserved



Sterile Jets Long Beach, California

Long Beach California's Sterile Jets are intent on confronting the tortured dynamic of modern America with unflinching honesty and an exceptional mash up of rhythm, noise and melody. They draw on elements that include post rock, stoner punk, art punk and old school heavy metal and add a dollop of lyrical inspiration from Beat writers like William S. Burroughs and LA's own Charles Bukowski. ... more

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Track Name: ...To The Bars
Like a dried worm in the sun
The madman loads his gun
In the middle of the deep freeze
We have lost all our dreams
Hope and salvation for the corpse
Have derived from the source
Religion is a question to me
Pungent cause of disease
I have known this quite for a while
Heaven has gone out of style

Go... To the bars!

Got myself in trouble again
With the help of black ink pen
Torture is built into us all
Nailed to a chalk-lined wall
Is the power the pain that I see
Is power what makes us free?
Blinds shut out the naked eye
Apathy will make us try
I guess it's shooting time again
I guess it's shooting time again
Track Name: Olly Olly Oxen Free
Well beaten in stormy weather
Sky cracks to the bursting dawn
Holy healer, the hands of pleasure
Subconscious chaos on the sad punk’s lawn

A burning halo
Has gone astray
Red light receiver
Turned on to pray
Blood/oil virtue
It’s time to pay
I’m gone today
I’m on today

Rubber boots stepped in the dogma
Lying tramps of bulletproof gods
Beautiful souls shine serious gamma
Brittle stained class break the odds

Settle down…
We know love…
Is here to stay…

Pulse circuits damaged cash flow
Suffocate singers of heartless songs
Polar panicked the curious grow
Wide open as the transistor's long
Track Name: Bender. Day 15
Time lapsed, I mutter
What am I thinking?
Time for another,
My hands are empty

Pain is beginning
No life when I’m sober
On to more sinning
Now I am grinning

Sun is setting on a broken daydream
Shots are lined up, I'm just blowing off steam
Wake up this morning and my mind is soaring
“Shut up bitch” because the world is boring
Lay down my money in a divey juke-joint
Yet to find a clue to “what is the point?”

On to 15
Now I’m bending
I’m still not ready
For this to be over

Three sheets to the wind
Now I am ready
Strap the machine on
Now I’m steady

Barlights dimming at 2 in the morning
I failed to mind the Surgeon General's warning
Mind is addled with life's fucking worries
But they're fading or they're getting blurry
Drown it out with liquid mind eraser
Follow whiskey with a vodka chaser

Grasp and claw
No stairway to heaven
I’ll kick god in the balls
They day I die

I could feel alive
If I can clear my eyes
Stumble to realize
The bottle is empty
Track Name: The Algebra Of Need
The human situation is an uncomfortable equation
punctuated by joy and despair 

Maybe I don't need a lover
why don't we just use each other?

in essence life is based on those we allow around us
how we react to each other feed off each other

do you listen? do i listen?

My psychotic inspiration, a murderous muse,
Uninterrupted, unwilling to move

Trashes everything she owns
She'll try to fry h(y)er mind

we can make our lives and those of others better
or we can make 'em worse, it's a choice

you don't listen. i don't listen.

A metal screen divides illusion from reality
Woven tight to ensure it holds

Black, Red, Blue, the same hue
Just given a different name

irrigated fields won't yield a single green dollar
i can(t) be content while you live in misery

i won't listen. why do you listen?
Track Name: I'm Glad You're Crying, Cowboy
that's right!
i know!
just so you do..... know.
you're lying
no I'm sitting
it's all relative

I see you smiling
But I don't know
Why you would
You're not that privileged 

I see you screaming
But I don't know
Why you would
You're not that literal

you're wrong
i know!
just so you do..... know.
you're furtive
no I'm daring
it's all relative

I see you laughing
But I don't know
Why you would
You're not that cynical

I see you crying
But I don't know
Why you would
You're not that pitiful

I think I'm an asshole, but how do I know for sure?
Track Name: Blaq Germ
Shatters the night
Pictures tatters
This matters

Fades in the dark
Memories linger
Hinting hunger

You're a dog in the way
Pissing on my dreams
You're a dog in the way
Howling at my screams

Circles the wall
Actionless angles
Hopeless jungles

Scars are a sign
Warping bodies
Bodies mind

You're a dog in the way
Gnawing at my soul
You're a dog in the way
A carcass in the road
Track Name: Still Cherry
You can’t pull the plug on me
I’ll make your head hurt
And it’s the sound of your voice
That makes it even worse
My pride is my vice
I’m still on the burn
It’s your roll, but my choice
You should take what I learned.

Reciprocate the mainline
Who’s fool are you anyway?
It’s not a crime to kill some time
But you gave yours away

When you hear my name
Do scream in vain?
Do you dare to cross my path
Go against my grain?
This tragedy you play
Makes you go insane
Your lie reflects your fate
I will never be tame…

Reciprocate on the mainline
Who’s fool are you anyway?
It’s not a crime to kill some time
But you gave yours away
Track Name: The Mourning Stool
Thoughts of you come into my mind
What has become of this?
My meekness is an endeavor.

With your pain
Can you carry me around?
Whisper in my ear
Your breathy sound

In terms of enjoyment
Shots disperse the crowd
To wish fulfillment
We turn our guitars loud

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